Reducing Your Building’s Risk Rating – Pendulum Slip Testing

Jul 21st 2020

Are you wanting to find a way to help reduce your building’s risk rating?  Will this reduce your insurance premium as well as your overall risk exposure?  Pendulum Slip Testing is a very cost effective way to look at reducing your building’s risk.  At Blue Commercial we have found that more and more insurers are now requiring these test reports as a pre-requisite for liability insurance.  A quick overview of the services we employ from Independent Slip Testing Services (I.S.T.S) ( provide a great methodology on how to help get you to a complaint level of slip testing.  I.S.T.S. are also NATA (ILAC) accredited contractors.


To assist risk management systems to effectively manage the risk of slips to the public and the tenant workforce.


To implement a program of periodic slip resistance measurements and reporting to identify the contribution of pedestrian surfaces to the risk of slipping.

Method Criteria

Testing and reporting procedures as detailed in “AS 4663-2013 Slip Resistance Measurement of Existing Pedestrian Surfaces”.


AS 4586-2013 Slip Resistance Classification of New Pedestrian Surface Materials.

Areas to be serviced

Internal and external pedestrian surfaces.

Suggested Frequency

Schedule as an annual program.


If you would like a quick chat to look at ways of reducing your building’s risk and enhancing your site’s compliance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with:

Terry Rosewarne – Head of Asset Management & Advisory

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Damian Faulkner – Facilities Manager

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