Is your building due for a Thermographic Inspection?

Sep 17th 2020

Suggested Frequency: An Annual Program

As it stands currently, no Australian State indicates how often an electrical thermographic inspection should be done on a property. Instead, a generalised ‘best industry practice’ is always recommended with reference to the NFPA Electrical Code which states a mandatory requirement for electrical switchboards and panels.

The benefits of commissioning an infrared thermographic inspection on your commercial building or business premises are immense. It is not just about avoiding power breakdowns, but also about keeping everyone around these systems safe.

Key features include:

• Reducing unplanned downtime due to asset failure and allowing planned downtime
• Increase longevity / useful life of assets
• Reducing repairs and frequency of overhaul requirements for assets
• Improving productivity rates and system availability
• Proactively identifying building water leaks and heat loss
• Improving safety for staff and avoiding catastrophic failures and damage to property (eg. industrial fires)

We note that a lot of insurers are now asking for these reports on a yearly basis to minimise risks associated with the sites they are insuring. The services of Kelly Alcorn and her team at @Thermoscan® Inspection Services Pty Ltd ( offer a great methodology on how to help you achieve a compliant level in electrical safety.

If you would like a quick chat to look at ways of reducing your building’s risk and enhancing your site’s compliance, please don’t hesitate to contact:

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